SHOOTING LOCATION Autumn/Winter 2017

Chinatown, Manhattan’s traditional Chinese district in New York, offered a diversified shooting set for this year’s autumn/winter collection.

Overall, Big Apple has around 300.000 citizens with Chinese roots – roughly half of it lives in Chinatown.  Therefore, Chinatown in New York holds the biggest and oldest Chinese community within the United States and is clearly the cultural and political center of the Chinese in New York.

Chinatown borders on the Little Italy district and the Lower East Side. A visit to this part of Manhattan should be on every tourist’s bucket list. Chinatown offers many streets worth seeing, which are characterized especially by original Chinese stores and restaurants. The stores’ interiors and facilities don’t cater especially to the tourists but comply with the needs of the district’s citizens. This is how it was possible to preserve the cultural and historical heritage until today.

Join us on a journey into a fascinating and also completely unfamiliar world. Endless exotic shops and authentic restaurants in narrow streets invite you on a culinary adventure. Colorful markets with fresh vegetables, seafood and candy characterize Chinatown’s intense world of aromas and daily attract New Yorkers and tourists alike. The Chinese are pioneers in the field of nature-based care of body and soul. Anybody who has the chance shouldn’t miss the opportunity of a treatment in one of the many beauty and health parlors in Chinatown.

The typical street scene is created by Chinese characters, even the phone booths are authentically designed as pagodas. Big dragons, colorful fans, shiny lampions and figures bring additional Asian flair to Lower Manhattan. Huge neon luminous advertising lightens the district at night and invites you to take a peek at the underground scene. Clubs and bars which are inconspicuous by day open their doors and allure you to party until the morning hours.

Many of the centuries-old buildings of Chinatown were built very close together and as tenement blocks which create a narrow and winding streetscape. One who lives or travels in New York is used to crowded sidewalks and loud background noises. In Chinatown one should be prepared for an even bigger crowd.

A labyrinth for all senses - loud, colorful and vivid  – the perfect shooting location for our new collection.